Last Updated: 11/1/2021, 6:30:43 AM

# Access Overview

# Overview

The AccelByte Access services are responsible for controlling access to all of the services within our platform, whether the request for access comes from you and your colleagues as you work in the Admin Portal, your players as they play your game, or applications as they work to support gameplay. These services use the OAuth 2.0 (opens new window) framework for authentication and authorization.

The AccelByte Access services offer several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Fine-grained roles and permissions Our platform requires a unique permission string for each of our endpoints, so you can create roles for your team members that give them the precise access they need.

  • Cross-platform progression enabled We pave the way for players to play your game across different platforms with our account linking service. When your players link their 3rd party platform accounts to their account in your game or platform, they'll be able to access their gameplay and progression data from whatever platform they play on.

  • Legal compliance made easy The AccelByte Admin Portal gives you a convenient place to manage your Terms of Service agreement, Privacy Policy, and End User License Agreement (EULA). You can upload new documents or localizations, schedule them for publishing, and check which players have agreed to which agreements.

# Table of Contents

Namespaces Start here to learn what namespaces are and how they’re used in the AccelByte Admin Portal.
Authentication and Authorization Here you can learn how permissions, roles, and IAM clients work together to manage access to services and resources.
Permissions Here you can learn how permissions can be added to roles or IAM clients to grant people or applications access to services and resources.
Roles Here you can learn how to work with roles, which are used to define and limit user access to services and resources.
IAM Clients Here you can learn how to work with roles, which are used to define and limit the access that applications, like game clients or websites, have to services and resources.
User Accounts Here you can learn how to create and manage user accounts, whether they be player accounts in your game or your and your teams’ accounts in the Admin Portal.
3rd Party Login Integration Here you can learn how to enable 3rd party login for your game or platform.
User Bans Here you can learn about the different types of user bans, and how to ban or unban users.
GDPR Here you can learn about how AccelByte’s platform helps keep you GDPR and CCPA compliant.
Legal Agreements Here you can learn how to upload and manage legal agreements such as Terms of Service agreements or Privacy Policies. You can also use this feature to track players’ marketing preferences, like if they’ve opted-in to receive your mailing list.