Last Updated: 11/5/2021, 11:57:57 AM

# Storage Overview

# Overview

The AccelByte Storage services give you the tools you need to store and manage player data. Player profiles can be configured to contain custom attributes unique to your game. Our Statistics service fully integrates with our Engagement and Play services, so you can grant rewards to players based on their stats, or use statistics to inform matchmaking to bring together players with similar skills.

The AccelByte Storage services offer several advantages for game developers, including:

  • Better data, better design Our Storage services give you access to rich player and game data, allowing you to understand player behavior and use it to drive game design decisions.
  • Use player stats to drive gameplay Our Statistics service integrates easily with other services like Achievements, Rewards, and Matchmaking, allowing players to receive achievements or rewards for getting a certain number of kills, for example. And stats based matchmaking keeps your game fair for everyone by matching players of comparable skill levels together.
  • Save it all inside the cloud Our Cloud Save service keeps all of your game and player records in the cloud, so your game data is at your fingertips wherever and whenever you need it.

# Table of Contents

Profile Start here to learn how to display basic player information or create your own custom attributes to be displayed.
Statistics Here you can learn how to manage player statistics within your game.
Cloud Save Here you can learn how to manage game and player records within your game.